Top Five Cats For Kids

Owning a cat is a great way to teach your children important social skills like responsibility, patience and respect. They are a great first pet for a family due to their low maintenance and ease of care. Just like with dogs, there are certain breeds that are more suitable for a busy family than others. Below you will find suggestions as to which cats are best suited for a family with kids.


Burmese cats make wonderful child friendly cats! They are known for their playful nature – if you decide for this breed you will surely be entertained by their naughtiness. This cat breed is also known to fetch, so can be quite dog-like. They adapt well to busy households and make good companions.


This cat breed loves to love! The Birman is very smart and responds well to training. You may even be able to get your Birman to walk on a leash if you start early enough. Birmans are also quite sociable and will not run and hide away from guests, quite the opposite – they will probably want to greet all of your guests in person. If, however, you expect a playful cat to keep your kids busy – Birman might not be the best choice.


Ragdolls strive on human companionships and make a perfect cat for a family with kids. Unlike other cats, Ragdolls love being held and caressed and love attention (but they will not demand it). All that is needed is some play in the evening and they will provide a perfect company to your kids while reading or doing homework.


Quieter than a Siamese but more active than a Persian, a Himalayan cat breed falls into that perfect place where an evening game of “mouse fishing” or laser tag is the extent of the activity you want with strong emphasis on quiet and relaxing time. The Himalayan adapts well to the indoors and

Maine Coon

Maine Coon is one of the most beloved American breed cats and for a reason: it has a soft and playful nature and is fun to have around. This cat breed is patient with active children and will be happy to play and give your kids some exercise as well as be a perfect companion on long winter nights. Main Coon comes in many colors and is a good all round cat breed for families.

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